Dirancang khusus untuk memanjakan dan stimulasi area sensitif Klitorial

HERO menggunakan teknologi PulseWave milik ZALO untuk mencapai lebar ayunan hingga 30 mm dan frekuensi ayunan hingga 75 kali per detik, membangkitkan sensasi unik yang dirancang untuk meniru sesi menyerupai oral yang mengesankan.

Bentuknya yang elegan, ringkas, dan motor bertenaga memberikan ergonomi dan fungsionalitas superior untuk pengalaman terbaik. yang memberi Anda sensasi bagian klitoral yang belum pernah Anda alami sebelumnya.



Premium body-safe silicone
Menggunakan Silikon Food Grade Dow Corning yang memenuhi persyaratan FDA. dilapisi dengan Exclusive Softek surface coating

Revolutionary electromagnetic PulseWave technology
Specially designed to indulge and titillate the sensitive area of the clitoris, HERO uses ZALO’s proprietary PulseWave technology to achieve a swing width of up to 30 mm and a swing frequency of up to 75 times per second, evoking unique sensations designed to imitate a memorable oral sex session.

The Cleopatra-inspired unique snake charm design
Embellished with SWAROVSKI crystal. Two separate buttons which function to control the vibration motor and the wave motor.

Powerful vibrations
Unparalleled in design, the ultra-high power operation outlasts many, leaving you with a truly satisfying experience.

USB magnetic charging
Built-in Lithium-ion battery with capacity of 530mAh which can be fully-charged in only 1 hour and provide about 2-3 hours of continuous pleasure.

Waterproof grade IPX4. The product is protected against splashing of water, no matter the direction.

Ergonomic Design
Hero fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Technical Specs
– Material: Dow Corning food-level silicone, SWAROVSKI crystal, ABS
– Max noise level: <50dB
– Stimulation modes: 4 vibration modes, 4 pulse-wave modes

Size and Weight
– Total length: 146 mm
– Insertable length: for external use only
– Width: 39 mm
– Thickness: 54 mm
– Weight: 114 g (vibrator)

Battery and Power
– Built-in Lithium-ion battery, 530mAh.
– One-hour quick USB charging for 2-3 hours of pleasure.

– Hero
– USB charging cable
– Satin storage pouch
– Warranty card
– Instruction manual


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